Beautiful location, beautiful people. I am feeling on top of the world and so good I hope I can sleep tonight. Thank you I cannot wait to come again 🙂 x


Well I have to say the aftermath of Kambo has been quite revealing. I has been incredibly insightful for me. I will be doing this again for sure 🙂 Thank you! xxx


l had an amazing time at my first session. Jana is very caring practitioner and she makes your journey very comfortable. l will be attending to the more was a very special session l had 🙂 Many Thanks Dear Jana 🙂


My mum & I had a Kambo ceromony with the lovely Jana. She held such a loving caring & safe space. My experience was quite deep but I feel such peace while I’m recovering..looking forward to feeling amazing tomorrow.
Thank you Jana Klintoukh , I will be highly recommending you & be seeing u myself again!!


Hello beautiful soul, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work that you did for me. I am completely blown away with your delivery, and am feeling like a million bucks today! This afternoon I have spent hours chilling amongst the trees surrounding my cabin, playing Didge, drinking Shou Peur (fermented) Tea, and doing light body movement Chi Gung etc. Thank you soo much Jana, It is a real privilege to have met you.


After the 3rd kambo session within 7 days, i woke today feeling clear and motivated. My energy feels grounded, activated & ive noticed a change in my thought patterns, where judgement used to creep in, now my default is compassion and love.

Jana & Rutger hold beautiful sacred ceremonial space where i felt held and supported through out the journey and beyond with an integration process being provided. Much Love and gratitude.


I had Kambo journey with Jana and Col and it was absolutely amazing. Kambo is incredible healing medicine for emotional and trauma release and overall body cleanse and detox. Jana and Col are very gentle, professional and helpful. I will definitely do it again and recommend to my friends.


Thank you Jana for a very positive Kambo experience. It was my first time and I felt very safe and comfortable. The medicine continued to work on me well after the ceremony. Recommended to anyone seeking change


Hey Jana, I want to thank you sincerely for the session today. It was a truely incredible experience. Your work is amazing and you are one beautiful human (and your hugs are second to none) I hope to meet you again sometime!


Thank you, It (the session) was beautiful and so are you! I did have a powerful release! I feel very different in my heart space tonight…Thank you for being there and bringing the medicine into our concrete jungle to remind us of the real one!!


Absolutely beautiful, can’t thank Jana and her team enough for the opportunity to work with Kambo. I can’t express how wonderful I was treated and brought into an awesome space with amazing energy. Cannot recommend enough!


Hands down, the best detox and cleanse I’ve ever experienced. Obviously the purging is a little uncomfortable but the profound sense of healing I got after all 3 times was more than enough to make me an advocate of this medicine for life. Keep up the great work Jana!!


It has been a blessing to find Kambo and to have made the journey with Jana’s kind and calming presence. When we are ready the teachers appear and l am very ready to release my fear my angst my pain and my toxins into a new and exciting beginning. I am coming out of a deep sleep and kambo is definitely the thing to help us to move forward into prosperity and freedom Thank you sooooo so much


Thanks Jana for the awesome experience ive had with Kambo frog medicine.

Great to feel comfortable before the actual treatment even through the purging I felt I was looked after and comfortable especially the encouragement there after. The singing drumming and sageing was part of the essence of who you truly are a Healer thank you for that and thank you Kambo frog medicine Love and Light Namaste Col Beck.


Thanks for providing this special healing modality, Jana provides such a scared space for these beautiful sessions to unfold. Kambo for me provides a deep cleansing, detoxing and renewal of the mind, body and spirit. I have throughly enjoyed my many sessions and look forward to the next one. Thank you beauty Xx Dayna


I’m feel very grateful to met Jana and her team in this beautiful and powerful ceremony. Jana treated us with love and attention in all process. It was a big pleasure to share this experience with her. Absolutely wonderful


My experience with Kambo was exceptional and richly rewarding, kind of like being in the amazon without any trees. Jana is a super competent and very high level healer and I cannot remember being as impressed in along time. A very skilled and highly compassionate and caring team with essences of goodness. I have noticed over the last few days a deeper healing and purpose and the lessening of a precancerous skin lesion as well as a greater sense of hope about other health challenges, my immune system is powering and i personally believe this to be a vital absolutely neccesary first step in serious disease solution series of protocols, I would recommend it especially for cancer and hiv. The connection to earth is stronger and I was given visions of my present state of health that will lead to even more motivation to heal. I thoroughly recommend Jana and Col as exceptional human beings and very highly skilled proffessionals and will be doing as much to publicise and get people using Kambo all over the world as I consider it a world changing, life enhancing medicine.


It’s six days now since my first Kambo ceremony, and I’m feeling clarity around my absorption of the gifts and lessons from the experience.The first blessing that arises is regarding empowerment. I feel much more confident within myself and in interaction with others.

I feel for others in their suffering, but no longer feel guilt around this or take their pain on board.Through this I feel much more relaxed, and enjoying life as I’ve always dreamt of.I have more clarity of mind in reflection and in communication.

My typing speed has improved after being drastically affected by Lyme disease 5 years ago.. I see this as a very good sign regarding Kambo assisting my Lyme recovery, as I had dared to hope it would. I wear my points with pride and not ashamed of this. In this sense, the Kambo ceremony has provided a much needed and previously absent rite of passage. Also my stamina was enhanced and I could run much further than normal without fatigue.

My self-work has been greatly enhanced, with a lot of movement regarding core beliefs. In the sense that love is an action, I have become more loving through the Kambo experience.

From what I have learned of the healing power of this medicine, and with the expert guidance of Jana Klintoukh, I look forward with patience and respect to my next sacred journey with Kambo