Sebastian is our talented musician at Journey to the Inside. He keeps beautiful sounds, Icaros and other ceremony music going and the energy high. He is usually found at our night time ceremonies and also most of our other events. 

When you ask Sebastian what music he plays, how long he has been playing for etc, he will say that it all got flowing when he started to work with mother Ayahausca. His creativity and passion for music just opened up… actually he only plays ceremony music. Music to help people to connect with spirit and help them on their healing journeys. 

Sebastian’s background

Sebastian’s family is Polish, and although he was born in Australia, he spent more of less his entire life in Warsaw, Poland before returning to his country of birth – to the Gold Coast in middle 2019. He found me (Jana) through Meetup asking around if I knew of any ceremonies he could contribute his music to… and the timing was just right for him to help me with the new kind of ceremonies I was just launching.


A note from Sebastian on his personal journey

I just love playing musicWhen I play its like something inside of me comes alive and I just want to sing, play and add joy to the space. It all started when I was back in Poland, meeting the right people, starting to work with Ayahausca and getting involved in my healing process. 

The music just came…. And coming to Australia everything just aligned for me to find Jana and start collaborating in serving people and connecting them with the plant medicines and sharing my songs. The universe provides !


Sebastian’s Role at Journey to the Inside  

Music at many of our ceremonies

Co-running our mens’ group with Col

Sound Healing Sessions

Facilitating Rhape Evenings

Facilitating Cacao Evenings

Contributing at our other events

Connecting with like minded humans and sharing about the work we do