What is Rapé?

Rapé is a snuff tobacco powder, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English. It has been used by healers of the Amazon basin for thousands of years and has been an essential part of their tribal culture and history.

It is made by a sacred and labour intensive process, and consist of various Amazonian  plants – tobacco, trees, leaves, seeds, and other sacred ingredients. The tobacco that is used to make Rapé is a different strand of tobacco that is typically used in the Western society. Rapé is generally made by various indigenous tribes, who originate from different South American countries – primarily Brazil and Peru.

What is Rapé used for?

Generally, rape helps one to re-align and open one’s chakras, improves grounding, releases any sickness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, opens up the third eye, de-calcifies the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases any negative thoughts, connects to the divine breath and elevates the connection to spirit.

For indigenous Americans, tobacco is medically used as a cure of certain diseases, sores, wounds, and as a defence against insects and also as an analgesic and narcotic substance that eases fatigue, pain, hunger, and thirst.

Rapé enters deep into the nostrils, thereby cleaning out any residual mucus and exerting potent antibacterial effects. If the body is too congested with toxins, vomiting can be a side effect that leads to a thorough cleansing. The tobacco that is contained in most Rapé blends can potentiate the healing capacity of other plants, like Ayahuasca.

Rapé contains nicotine and its use increases the brain-blood flow and helps in heightening your focus, presence, and intuition and opening the body to higher communication and holistic thinking and understanding.

The Rapé Process

Traditionally, Rapé is administered using a pipe, made from bamboo or bone. Rapé receiving often requires the presence of another person, in this case I will be serving you and will blow the snuff powerfully into your nostrils, one at a time, as you receive and inhale Rapé. through what we call a „Tepi“ pipe. Blowing the Tepi and serving Rapé involves an intimate connection between the Rapé server and the person receiving. Both of whom are closely connected by breath. These ‘blowing rituals’ are of great importance in the shamanic tradition, which perceives the healing energy of breath (also known as ‘Soplada’ – which means blowing healing energy) as a major tool for healing.

What is included in our Service:

  • Rapé medicine
  • Tea and some snacks for after

Duration of the Rapé experience:

Our Rapé ceremonies last about 2 hours as a whole with about 30 minutes for sharing at the start, an hour for the Rapé and another 30 minutes for tea, snacks and connecting at the end.

The Exchange

We suggest booking early to ensure you get a spot


The exact address will be emailed to all who booked the day before the ceremony. We don’t disclose it on this page for privacy reasons. 


  • Pregnant women
  • Those with obstructions in the nasal passage(s). It is important we are able to access both nostrils.
  • I also ask that you have no alcohol in your system prior to working with Rapé and you have not taken any drugs for at least 24 hours prior to your experience.


Please arrive on time by 7 pm

To respect everyone’s time and experience on the evening, we are asking everyone to please be on time.

Other notes:

Please only come if you are serious about experiencing a deep connection with yourself and with the world around you. Please only come if you are serious about your healing journey and are respectful to the experiences of others as well as your own on the night.

This is a sacred experience where we will give each other the space and peace for healing to occur.

If you have any queries, please email me directly on jana@journeytotheinside.com.au

Feeling the call to work with Rapé?