I consider myself to be the glue that puts all of this together, facilitating healing experiences with natural entheogen medicines, and helping you to connect to spirit, through being yourself.

I feel that everything I have had the joy of experiencing – from learning to communicate by being an international speaker or using tools of re-wiring the mind for change, to being an author of a few books, being a trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Coaching, helping and empowering thousands of people, to traveling to different parts of the world for my own healing – it has all been part of the journey.

Today I feel amazing about where I am, where I am going and my relationship with the people and the world around me. I help people to feel the same using the best of what I have found.

South-West Russia was the place I got to grow up in. I felt I took on a lot of baggage during this time (as we all do around that age) : belief systems, habits, ways of looking at the world.. many of which I would only later unravel and let go.

When I was 8 years old we moved out of the country. My parents wanting a better future for my sister and I, were deciding between Canada and Australia, with Australia winning out for the beautiful weather we heard of and the mysticism of indigenous people we thought were running around the country wearing next to know clothes, being wild – it seemed to interest my dad.

Though we started off in Sydney (great place to learn English in school and mix with other migrants), 3 years later we moved to the chilly island of Tasmania. The heat was a little more than my parents enjoyed and we could save a ridiculous amount of money by moving there. A tiny, smelly apartment across the road from a noisy train station versus a quite comfortable and big home in a nice suburb of Tasmania.


Starting off extremely shy through school, I soon found that I could attend Army Cadets on the side, which helped to bring out some courage in me and I started to speak with other people more. Here I could start making some friends that I could be comfortable with and get some time away from school.

High School was a place where I was bullied and called all kinds of names, and lived through it feeling uncomfortable most of the time.

Much of this stemmed from not being ready to be involved in anything romantic yet (I was only 11!) And the overall shyness didn’t add much to the situation either.

After thankfully finishing high school already, I went on to study two degrees in the field of Architecture before (finally) graduating and starting work 6 years later in the profession, realising this is NOT how I want to live my life: spending 60 hours a week infront of a computer with overwhelming deadlines and expectations from my employer, surrounded by 4 walls. Ouch.

I knew that the impact I wanted to create in the world was very limited here and I still wasn’t done learning!

I wanted to live my life fully, I wanted to experience so much, I wanted to help others, I wanted to help change the world for the better!

In my early 20’s I also followed a career in the Army Reserves (part-time) for a number of years, learning to be an officer. I then realised this was definitely NOT what I wanted either. It really hit after a weekend which felt like by far the worst experience of my life.

I cried as I got screamed at for not responding to commands as quickly as the others could, that I wasn’t fast enough, that I couldn’t understand some things.

It was like my mind refused to work the way the Army did. I felt slow, dumb and hopeless.

Why put myself through this? I thought. Though I was inspired to learn to be a leader, I thought maybe this is not for me. I don’t want to live my life in hell.

So there I was at my Architecture job. With every day it was becoming harder and harder to tolerate being there. I was doing mostly reception work with only a little actual Architecture work (“you have to start at the bottom” they said). Every day there felt more and more and more dull. I thought of having my own business, helping other people, learning, being free.. It was like light shone inside and around me, it felt bliss. The contrast of how I felt between these two paths couldn’t be more obvious.

Going outside the “norm”

I started reading books on personal development and spirituality. And soon found a course in Hypnosis, which seemed like exactly what I was looking for. Only 2 months into this new job, I went to do the course, came back from it and quit my job a week later. It felt like a scary move to make after 5 years studying for the job, 10 months looking for it and finally finding it. But I knew it had to be done. I knew there was something else I was here to do.

In addition to seeing my new hypnosis clients, I also started learning NLP, (Neuro-linguistic programming), Coaching, Speaking, Business, Healing, Communication and more. I became obsessed with learning and after many thousands of hours of obsessively learning from books, audios, courses and directly from mentors, I opened an Institute teaching and certifying students in a number of modalities that I learnt to then teach at a few levels.

It was soon after that l realized I was learning so, so much, but I was still not happy! I was still having issues with myself.

I needed to “learn from nature” as my mentor #9 suggested. It was time to learn something different. To be comfortable with the silence. To be comfortable with myself.

It was at the crisis of a romantic relationship that went toxic and soon fell apart, when I knew – OK, now I really need the Ayahuasca retreat.

Before I felt a calling, now there was an urgency. 10 days later I was in the jungle.

I arrived at the retreat, at times feeling like I only JUST managed to get there. Emotionally I was a wreck. But you know what? First half of the first ceremony with Ayahuasca – and the heartache was gone! I could let the past go and move on in my life. First half of first ceremony! I was amazed.

At this retreat I also got to experience Kambo medicine, which I felt was such a powerful cleanse of my system (both mind and body). I continued the relationship with this medicine in Australia and was loving the benefits it brought. It also helped me to let go of another romantic relationship later on, which though non-toxic – still painfully hung on my chest. With Kambo I could move through the pained let it go.

These medicines have helped me in my life so much that I decided to to share this also with others. Today I run yearly Ayahuasca retreats to Peru and work with the Kambo medicine here in Australia. This is work that fulfills my soul and I love with every inch of my being seeing the changes these spirit medicines make in the lives of others.