What it is

This is an intimate gathering where we will grab some tea and sit about in a circle. We will share a bit about the work we do and open space up for any questions.


Our work at Journey to the Inside essentially involves the use of Plant & Spirit Medicines. These are Entheogenic substances used for meditation, healing, third-eye awakening and gaining clarity on who you are, your life purpose/ direction and more.

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We consider plant and spirit medicines to be entheogens like Kambo, Rapé Tobacco, Sananga, Ayahuasca and more, which we work with and share about.


Next Circles

24th November 1pm with Col

1st December 1pm with Col and Jana



We gather for around 2 hours. Please allow for 2 hours of your time to be with us.


Why we hold these circles

A few years ago we used to do little walks through nature or just get togethers or presentations to just share about these medicines, their use, our experiences with them and thoughts on suitability for someone to use these tools.

Recently we have decided to open up these gatherings again and connect with people who just want to learn more and/or meet us in person.

Some Plant & Spirit Medicines we will share about

Ayahuasca medicine

Ayahausca is an Entheogenic brew, originating in the Amazon. It traditionally contains the following two plants: the Chakruna leaves (containing DMT) and the Ayahuasca vine (MAOI inhibitor which allows for the journey with the medicine to last 4-8 hours long). We hold retreats with the Ayahausca medicine in Peru. These ceremonies are typically conducted at night, with the feminine energy of the moon.

Kambo medicine

Kambo is a secretion of a frog (Phylomedusa Bicolor) which is collected and can be used on the body to help one to cleanse physically and emotionally, let go of stuck emotions, boost immunity naturally, help the body get into natural alignment, increase stamina and more. Kambo Medicine (alongside Rape and Sananga) is served during our Kambo & More ceremonies at the Gold Coast and sometimes at other locations around Australia and beyond.

Sananga medicine

Sananga is an eye medicine (eye drops) also served at our Kambo & More Ceremonies. This medicine can help you to open up and get ready to work with Kambo. Sananga is are said to help you gain more clarity and guidance in life and anecdotally have also been said to bring more good luck.

Rapé medicine

A ground tobacco medicine served as a blow inside each nostril, which can help to ground you, open up your heart and often acts as a way to help you finish your release with Kambo. It is most often a powerful and important part of your whole process on the day with Kambo and Sananga. Rapé is often also used as standalone for meditation and in combination with Ayahausca and other medicines. It can be dangerous when used in combination with some drugs and must be used with care.

Other Notes

Many of the medicines we speak about are either not recommended or advised against combining with certain substances, medications and in certain health conditions and situations. It is very important that you use any of these with care and in the guidance and supervision of trained facilitators who can assist you.

No plant or spirit medicines are served at this event, only tea and some snacks. Please see our other events if you are interested in experiencing some plant or spirit medicines right away.

There is no cost to this event

If you happen to miss out on this opportunity or cannot make the date, please email info@journeytotheinside.com.au to be in touch for future events.

Would you like to join in? 

Ayahuasca retreat circle, Peru.