For The Ayahuasca Spirit Guide - A Handbook for the Internal adventurer

is a collection of tips and tools to support you in getting the most out of your journeys

I began writing book begun in early 2016 with the intention of including purely the stories of my journeys put into lesson-format for all to learn from and be able to integrate as powerful teachings from mother Ayahuasca in how to live life fully. I called it “Lessons from the Spirit World: Into the Depths with Ayahuasca”

As time went by, I have also started including practical tips in the book for helping one in getting the most out of their Ayahuasca experience as a whole.

These came from my experience in leading groups of people to the Amazon to work with Mother Ayahuasca and also from the journeys to Peru I undertook myself.

Actually, this book contains much of what I share with those that jump on board our Journey to the Inside Ayahuasca retreats once a year. It’s an exciting journey and as we start with preparing for it, I send out all kinds of useful information to help people to get ready for it, one step at a time – There’s a few think about and to get ready to have the deepest and most rewarding experiences possible.

This book is something I have created for those of you who are:

  1. Curious about this medicine and what it could do for you and
  2. Those of you who know for sure that you will be heading over to have the Ayahuasca adventure soon, you might just not know yet what it will look like.

What I have included for you in the Ayahuasca Spirit Guide book:

  1. About Ayahuasca medicine and finding out if it’s right for you
  2. How to prepare your Body, Mind and Spirit for the Adventure to come
  3. How to plan your trip abroad to work with the medicine
  4. Making the most of being in Peru – your travel guide post-retreat
  5. Tips on working with the medicine – how to journey deep with her
  6. Your post-retreat integration guide
  7. 10 stories of my own adventures with Ayahuasca – I share with you my deepest, scariest, most profound journeys thus far with mother Ayahuasca, one of these stories I was planning to never tell anyone about… lets alone write in a book for the world to see!

This is an essential guide for anyone seriously considering working with the Ayahuasca medicine.

It’s my gift to you.

May you journey safe, journey deep and have the most incredible healing experiences with her imaginable.


Lots of Love,


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