Journey to the Inside is about Healing, Self-Discovery and Connection with Spirit.

It is about the journey you take to find yourself. Having patience with yourself, taking the time you need to get the insight that you seek.

Whether it’s clarity about the past, the future, whether it’s about being at peace with yourself in the present moment, taking a peek “behind the veil” of what we see with our 5 senses.. It’s all possible when we have courage, the support and tools to be able to go within and integrate this experience into our day to day lives too. 

How do we work?

We offer a variety of opportunities to learn about, experience and integrate spirit & plant medicines. It’s our jam.

We hold local healing ceremonies with Kambo, Rapé (tobacco) and Sananga spirit medicines, including an ongoing connection to spirit coaching process following these ceremonies.

We hold stand alone  Rapé (tobacco) medicine  meditation evenings

We offer Introduction circles to the Spirit & Plant Medicines for those who simply want to learn more

We run online integration and meditation sessions (they are coming really soon!)

And once a year, we also run Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Expeditions to Peru in the Amazon jungle. Around these retreats we also give coaching and preparation support, integration help and more.

It’s an exciting time to work deeply with the medicine in a full immersion with a loving group of people you can get to know beforehand, travel and share experiences with all in a safe environment.

Whether you are looking to simply integrate your journeys, are looking for some local ceremonies or are ready for a deep dive retreat to the jungle, we welcome you to Journey to the Inside and hope to meet you along the way!


May the Spirits of the Jungle be with you <3

Jana Klintoukh and Journey to the Inside Team


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